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Our team serves retail customers, from strip malls to convenience stores. Our experience in the retail environment makes us an ideal partner to coordinate value engineering approaches and finessed installation with a variety of materials delivering what you want at the right price. If you need repairs performed, or want to schedule preventative maintenance, give us a call.

We have a team that understands the complexities associated with financial institutions construction.  Whether the project is a new construction or a remodel, the institution’s critical need for security, installation of customized equipment, and regulation adherence does not change.  AMRS knows how to work with clients to meet specialized needs and exceed expectations. 

Retail &



Our team has years of experience working with state and local government, county commissioners, and economic development representatives. City halls, libraries, fire stations - we've delivered them all for municipalities, big or small. Whether you need a place for city leaders to meet, firefighters to sleep, or somewhere quiet to read a good book, we’ve got you covered.





AMRS knows how to engage multiple tenants to deliver a scope of work that will be effective for everyone. From providing needed utilities, finishes, and space configurations to value engineering solutions, our experience gives us the edge to remain flexible and timely. Our experienced team can help you transform your office space into a modern, luxury space for you and your employees.


At AMRS, we have experts dedicated to hotel construction.  Our hotel professionals are committed to building your hotel on time, on budget, and above your expectations. We can keep your hotel or entertainment location comfortable for your guests and maintained at the highest standards. 

Hotels & hospitality

High School Exterior


Our team understands the construction of buildings whose administrators’ educational plans are built around a calendar. From University buildings to K – 12 schools for small communities, we know the ropes for educational facilities.  AMRS believes in communication through progress meetings with administrators, scheduling updates, and daily coordination. 

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Our personnel understands limited down times and scheduling to tight deadlines.  We are well-versed in the issues of interim life safety and the critical importance of infection control.  From renovations completed within occupied healthcare facilities to completely new medical facilities, AMRS is the healthcare construction partner of choice due to our extensive experience and expertise within the sector.


Industrial Building


We have a first-hand understanding of construction phasing, coordination with owners, architects, and subcontractors, and the absolute importance of deadlines and schedules. In our industrial projects, we strive for little or no interruption of the customer’s production. We’re comfortable working around complex industrial processes and specialized systems. 

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