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Plumbing Services

The AMRS plumbing team is pleased to offer plumbing services for your home, including faucet repair, toilet

 replacement, and pipe insulation and more. No job is either too big or too small for our team. 

Bathroom Toilet

Toilet Repair & Installation 

We've encountered every possible problem a toilet can have, and we've also learned every solution. That horrible sinking feeling that comes when you flush and it doesn't stop running  - and of course the panic when water rises to the top of the bowl! Or when your water bill is three times the amount!

Image by Mick Haupt

Drain Cleaning 

We offer skillful work for any drain cleaning needs. The drains that we cater to include: kitchen drains, shower and tub drains, bathroom sink drains, toiler drains, floor drains, and more!

Leak Problems

For all your water leak repairs, you can count on our fast and friendly plumbers for service. We always have several plumbers available to provide you with emergency leak repairs. 

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Stoppages

When starchy foods or foods with fibrous structures are sent down the disposal they can slip right past the blades and clog the small drain line. If you're having issues with our kitchen sink drain, please give us a call. 

water heater.jpg

Water Heater Repair

Through our busy everyday lives, little time is left to worry about how well your water is functioning. However, when it goes out or stops working properly, you may not be able to think about anything else. AMRS is here to make sure your water heater is working to the best of its ability. We have extensive knowledge in the plumbing industry and are confident in our ability to solve your water heater problems. 

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